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Building an AI Strategy for Business

Incorporating AI into your business’ operations will soon become not just a way to stay ahead of your competitors, but a way to remain relevant amongst them. Many organizations see it AI as a disruptive force that will change the way the world operates. While some businesses may be hesitant to take the leap into AI, and others may not know where to start with it, it is highly likely that every company will have to adapt to this modern way of operations in the future.

This whitepaper aims to help business leaders get started with AI and think about their own AI strategies. Get your free copy today!

Machine Learning & AI Blog Posts

Here are some insightful blog posts from the Leon India team surrounding Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Machine Learning & AI Solution Briefs

Retailer Predicts Inventory Demand with Azure Databricks

Retail victory requires expertly juggling supply and demand. When this retailer began grappling with too many products at some locations and not enough at others, the corporation set out to gain a deeper understanding of its customers evolving needs and reduce disruption in sales. To better predict adequate future supply, the company enlisted Leon India to help it uncover underlying factors influencing sales.

Global Energy Leader Preempts Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

A global oil and gas company, headquartered in the U.S., has delivered results for decades by staying abreast of technology. It recently set out to harness the power of predictive analytics in anticipation of reducing equipment service interruptions. Such interruptions resulted in lost production and increased maintenance and replacement costs.

From Code to Table: Using Technology for Smarter Food Production

Conserving water and power while improving crop yield is vital to the commercial agriculture industry’s long-term success. Using natural resources as efficiently as possible translates to higher-quality food and good land stewardship. A global leader in freshwater and wastewater management, about to embark on a high-stakes environmental project, wanted to thrive in both arenas.

Power BI Office Hours

Join us for our next interactive session for tips on new features with Power BI.

Due to Power BI capabilities growing to an all-time high, it can be a challenge to keep up with new visual components, create compelling dashboards, and truly own your data. Without regular training and practice with new features, Power BI’s versatility can sometimes cause confusion among teams and leave users wanting additional guidance.

Join Leon India for our monthly webinar series where we demonstrate  new features in Power BI, as well as discuss use cases and how you might be able to apply them within your organization.

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