Enterprise BI & Reporting

Enterprise BI & Reporting

Modern BI Adoption and Development Services

Incorporating AI into your business’ operations will soon become not just a way to stay ahead of your competitors, but a way to remain relevant amongst them. Many organizations see it AI as a disruptive force that will change the way the world operates. While some businesses may be hesitant to take the leap into AI, and others may not know where to start with it, it is highly likely that every company will have to adapt to this modern way of operations in the future.

This whitepaper aims to help business leaders get started with AI and think about their own AI strategies. Get your free copy today!

Exploring Maps in Microsoft Power BI

A well-crafted map draws in viewers with a blend of visual appeal and understandable content. As with any visual, you should put careful thought into how you represent locations in Power BI so that your users gain more insight into the data. Simply making maps is not enough if users cannot comprehend them.

With a Business Intelligence tool, you do not have access to every bell and whistle that a professional GIS (Geographic Information System) program offers. For a general business audience, however, Power BI has several ways to easily craft maps that work well for common use, which we explore in this whitepaper.

Power BI Posts

Here are some insightful blog posts from the Leon India team surrounding Power BI, data visualization, modern reporting, and more.

Power BI Services & Solutions


Power BI Assessment

Successful Power BI implementations have the potential to transform the way organizations access and analyze data from all aspects of their business. This assessment is a starting point for organizations looking to maximize their Power BI investment with outside expertise. This 1/2 day assessment is aimed at the performance challenges that organizations face that impact end user experience, data refreshes, or data modeling.


Accelerated Power BI Deployment & Adoption

Using our Catalyst Framework, Leon India will help you get the most out of your Power BI investment, accelerating time-to-value with our proven approach and our team of experienced consultants. We’ll start with a collaborative, hands-on workshop to map the latest Power BI features to your desired capabilities and needs, and finally drive adoption across your enterprise.


Power BI Training

Is your organization deploying Microsoft Power BI? Our on-site, instructor-led Power BI training helps teams adopt Power BI for self-service business intelligence and analytics. Through this curriculum-based approach with hands-on labs and in-person guidance, attendees will be able to build and share stunning visualizations and valuable data insights quickly and easily with Power BI.

Power BI Office Hours

Join us for our next interactive session for tips on new features with Power BI.

Due to Power BI capabilities growing to an all-time high, it can be a challenge to keep up with new visual components, create compelling dashboards, and truly own your data. Without regular training and practice with new features, Power BI’s versatility can sometimes cause confusion among teams and leave users wanting additional guidance.

Join Leon India for our monthly webinar series where we demonstrate  new features in Power BI, as well as discuss use cases and how you might be able to apply them within your organization.

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